Power BI Days 2019 06

June 22nd | ?? -- June 23rd | Online

User Group Meetups, Free Workshops & Free Conferences

In person or even virtual, we’ll help you learn more about Power BI.

Completely free and open to everyone!

Have a look at our next meetup!

Our sponsors provide a room and food, in return they get more visibility in the market.
What do you get? Evenings and days of free learning!
That’s what community is about!

It’s worth your time

If you’ve never been to a user group or a conference, it might seem weird. Why spend your spare time learning something?
But it’s actually a great way to meet like-minded people doing similar work as you.  You’ll be amazed at the people you meet and things you pick up in a stress-free environment.

“Thanks for the nice event. Thanks to the organizers and speakers for the time and effort! Learned a lot and even some free training! Thanks”

Koen Van Besien
ERP Consultant

“Great workshop and good benefit:-) thank you for your hospitality!!! Greetings from Croatia.”

Olja Brkljacic
Director of controlling

“Thank you for the event. Great speakers and very interesting topics!”

Sara Nunes
ETL Delivery lead

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