Power BI Days

By the community, for the community, always free

A Free Conference?

Yes! Thanks To Your Local Community!

Dedicated to working with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI is just a starting point.
Ensuring you can learn related technologies and customer stories are equally important.
And of course, this conference is a chance for you to share your story or knowledge as well!






Virtual Attendees


Reasons To Attend

The Power BI Days? That’s “Not Another Conference”.
Putting the attendee experience and growth of local speakers first.
Always trying new formats, like mixing short hands-on workshops with talks.
And always experimenting new ways of working to enhance your experience.


We intentionally aim for a small and cozy conference where everyone feels welcome. We prefer this instead of trying to be yet another overwhelmingly large conference where you might not feel at home.


We aim for a small lineup of speakers each conference. Preferring speakers who will engage attendees before, during and after sessions.


Comfort-Scale + Reachability = Community Over the past events, we've noticed that new friendships form and attendees find new jobs and customers through our conference.

Jan Mulkens

Solution Expert Microsoft Data & AI

Providing people with free quality training while growing the local technical communities.
The Power User Days is an ongoing experiment to try and reach those local communities all over the world.

Kathrin Borchert

BI Consultant & Trainer

Spreading the spirit of the product and the functionality to all who are interested. It is also my goal to provide each event with an individual logo.


Become an organizer for your own local community. It’s easy, it’s free and you don’t need anyone’s blessing for it.