Netherlands Power BI Days 2020-07-09

Event Date

July 9, 2020

Event Location

Online, Microsoft Teams

Limited Places



Event Description

We’re excited to announce our July Power BI Days Netherlands.
Another virtual event with two great female speakers lined-up. This time it’s going to be an evening session on Thursday.

Event Details

19:30 – 20:15 | Prathyusha Kamasani (Prathy K) | An Introduction to Data Visualizations and Design Best Practices

As the value of data is being recognized across the world, the ability to communicate data to your audience effectively is becoming a sought after skill for professionals. Thankfully, effective data visualization is not only a skill for artists and designers, anyone can improve their data presentation by choosing the right visuals and following best practices. In this session, we will discuss how different types of visuals are perceived and which charts are best suited to each category. We’ll cover a basic introduction into color theory, how to use color effectively in reports, and how to create Power BI themes for your enterprise. Finally, you will learn an introduction to the design approach and how it helps us to tell a good data story.

20:15 – 21:00 |

The topic I like to present is a really important topic. It’s not about data connectivity, DAX or Power Query: it’s about Governance. This topic is very often ignored or even forgotten. But if you don’t have any Governance, it could be possible that your organization could get in serious danger. Maybe you think I might be overreacting a little bit? Not if I show you in my presentation how fast sensitive data of your company can be found on Google. And all of this, only because there are no processes that could have prevented this. In my presentation I show you an easy way how to create such a notification process fast and automated.


About Prathyusha Kamasani:

Prathy Kamasani is born in India and living in London. She’s a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Power BI UG London meetup organiser, dreamer and achiever. She believes in Smiles 🙂

About Kathrin Borchert:

Kathrin is currently a BI Consultant at pmOne AG in Hamburg. Her resume may seem a bit strange to some, but her motto is and always has been: “You should have tried everything once”.



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