Power Break 2021-05-17

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May 17, 2021

Start: 7:00 pm

End: 7:45 pm


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Creating professional printouts from your Power BI reports

Power BI is a world-class BI and data analytics tool with stunning interactive data visualization features, but in many business use cases companies need to produce multi-page printouts from their Power BI reports on paper and/or send them in PDF/Excel format to their customers. Power BI Paginated Reports based on the matured and well-known SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) technologies can be created from existing Power BI datasets using the Power BI Report Builder tool and can be published to Power BI Service. The recently released PPU (Premium Per User) license and Power BI Embedded Gen2 will also help to have an increasing number of paginated reports in the Power BI ecosystem. Therefore, in this session, we will present several tips & tricks how to create paginated reports using existing Power BI datasets available in the Power BI Service and also from your Power BI Desktop, how to reproduce the different Power BI visuals in a paginated report, how to create analytical lines in a paginated report, how to handle parameters, especially multi-value parameters in DAX queries, how to enable for the end-users to select which Power BI report pages should be included in the final printout, how to create printouts with portrait and landscape pages, etc.

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Power Break! in english

You always have a lot on your mind and would like to talk about one of your favourite topics in the Power Platform area? No problem, from now on we will organize a Power Break every two weeks where you can get actively involved.
Be the one who starts the discussion or the person who critically questions the topic or just ask your questions. You can decide.
The event will last 30-45 minutes. The topic will be introduced briefly and then we will start with an exciting discussion. There will always be a small survey where you can ask your questions about the current topic in advance. These will be answered at the end of the session. For all questions that are more extensive or we, due to lack of time, do not manage to answer, we will summarize them in a short blog post afterwards.

The language of the sessions depends on the respective speaker. But we will always inform you about the language of the sessions.
We will always publish the respective topic one week before the date.
I would be very happy to hear from you on one or the other topic!


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