Power Break 2020-11-02

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November 2, 2020

Start: 7:00 pm

End: 7:45 pm


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How to create a multi-lingual Power BI report?


In multinational companies and worldwide enterprises, there is often a need for Power BI reports that can present insights in English, German, Spanish, etc. Unfortunately, Power BI hasn’t got a built-in feature for creating multi-lingual reports, therefore the report developers usually duplicate the English report in all the required languages, which leads to higher maintenance costs. In this session, we present some techniques on how to create only one Power BI report, which supports multi-lingual report pages, labels, button texts, visual titles and legends, table and matrix column/row headers, etc.



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Power Break! in english

You always have a lot on your mind and would like to talk about one of your favourite topics in the Power Platform area? No problem, from now on we will organize a Power Break every two weeks where you can get actively involved.
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The event will last 30-45 minutes. The topic will be introduced briefly and then we will start with an exciting discussion. There will always be a small survey where you can ask your questions about the current topic in advance. These will be answered at the end of the session. For all questions that are more extensive or we, due to lack of time, do not manage to answer, we will summarize them in a short blog post afterwards.

The language of the sessions depends on the respective speaker. But we will always inform you about the language of the sessions.
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