Power BI Days NorthWest 2021-03-17

Event Date

March 17, 2021

Start: 3:45 pm

End: 6:00 pm


Event Location

YouTube Livestream

Limited Places




Event Description

We are excited to host the second edition of Power BI Days Northwest with up-and-coming speakers from Oregon and Washington! Come join us at our free, virtual event that is dedicated to your Power BI learning.

This event is part of a two day series for Power BI Days Northwest. For more information for either day please access by the links below

Day One – https://www.powerbidays.com/virtualevent/power-bi-days-northwest-2021-03-16
Day Two – https://www.powerbidays.com/virtualevent/power-bi-days-northwest-2021-03-17

Event Details

First Speaker: Reid Havens (3:45PM – 4:45PM)

Title: Visualization Magic in the Age of Numbers & Science

Description: Power BI is a great sandbox environment for report design. However, knowing how to leverage visuals and features in a way that adds additional value can be challenging. New visualizations and features can be created a number of ways including: layering visuals, customizing visual formatting, and/or utilizing DAX measures. The session will include a series of visualization and reporting techniques that you’ll be able to leverage in your company’s reports to take them to the next level.


Second Speaker: Ansh Purohit (5PM – 6PM)

Title: Must know ways to integrate Power BI with SharePoint

Description: SharePoint is a critical platform for a company as it empowers teamwork and provides a productive team site for every project and team. Integration between SharePoint and Power BI is almost a necessity and match made in heaven. Power BI natively provides various options to connect with the data files stored in SharePoint. For this session’s purposes, we will cover various scenarios and look at ways to connect to a data file stored in SharePoint. Some of the critical aspects we will cover are connecting directly to a .xlsx file, connecting to a folder, parameterizing the connection string. Finally, we will combine all this to create a genuine dynamic connection that uses parameters and dynamically loads the latest file based on the date. Along the way, we will also look into some of the common errors that one may encounter and try to understand what those mean (time permitting).


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