Power BI Days NorthWest 2021-03-16

Event Date

March 16, 2021

Start: 4:00 pm

End: 6:00 pm


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Microsoft Teams

Limited Places




Event Description

We are excited to host the second edition of Power BI Days Northwest with up-and-coming speakers from Oregon and Washington! Come join us at our free, virtual event that is dedicated to your Power BI learning.

Event Details

Brian Grant (CSG Pro) – Time Is On Your Side: An Intro to DAX Time Intelligence

Basic aggregations are useful; but decision makers are going to want more and want it quickly. What they’re probably going to need next is time intelligence measures. Quarter to Date, Year Over Year, Rolling 52 Week Averages. If you can’t do these you can’t do much. In this demo heavy presentation Brian Grant, the DAX Demystifier, will walk you through setting up your own Time Intelligence measures and see how they work mechanically. This will be a great presentation for people wanting to dig into the DAX language and get a sense of how you can use it to solve common business problems. Programming experience is absolutely NOT required, though being familiar with intermediate Excel formulas (or SQL) will be very helpful.


Brian Grant is a masterful Analytics Consultant at CSG Pro by day, and a Power BI legend by night. Brian’s passion for Power BI has led him to holistically master the tool from all three perspectives: M, DAX, and the visualization layer. He also has a passion for teaching and is constantly uploading new material to YouTube, blogging, and leading Power BI training sessions for clients.


Ben Lawrence & Ahmed Abualsoud (DataDx) – Efficiency Improvements in PBI Datasets, What We’ve Learned

When working with large PBI Datasets, complex calculations, and many different dashboards, speed and efficiency become increasingly important. Knowing how to identify performance-crashing artifacts and knowing where to position that logic is key to keeping resource costs low and refresh times fast.

DataDx provides cloud-based analytics tools to help medical and dental practices understand their business and make data-driven decisions. Power BI Embedded is core to their product, which they provide to diverse clients of all sizes. Ben Lawrence & Ahmed Abualsoud lead the Power BI work for DataDx and have a passion for making valuable, efficient dashboards that scale.


Ben Lawrence is the Manager of Analytics at DataDx. He has a background in data analytics, informatics, and healthcare. Ben enjoys working in Power BI and Python, snowboarding, and hanging out with his dogs. Ahmed Abualsoud is a Business Analyst at DataDx. He has a background in data analytics and healthcare. Ahmed enjoys visualizing data using Power BI, cooking, and playing soccer.


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