Power BI Days Netherlands 2021-04-07

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April 7, 2021

Start: 8:00 pm

End: 10:00 pm


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We are excited to announce another meetup, on Wednesday evening April 7. We are hosting some of our finest local talent from the Benelux this time!

Event Details

20:00 – 21:00 | Arno Coppens | Power BI Like a Pro

An introductory session to help anyone working with Power BI or just beginning with a sensible workflow to keep a maintainable ‘landscape’. This can be achieved with certain features and (best) practices, but these are not necessarily obvious when you start using Power BI. Consequently often after people start using PBI at some point the mess needs to be cleaned up… or they cross their fingers and hope it doesn’t catch up with them. Naturally prevention is better than cure, so let’s do some prevention!

21:00 – 22:00 | Kurt Buhler | Improving Adoption of your Power BI Report

“If no one’s using your solution, then it’s not a good solution.”

Unused reports and solutions, abandoned in pre-production environments. We’ve all seen it, heard it or experienced it ourselves. It’s thus not surprising to hear Gartner predict that through 2022, up to 8 in 10 business & analytics projects will fail to help the business. What can we do, then, to help ensure adoption of our Power BI report, and for business users to make the most of our data visualizations?

In this talk, I highlight three key areas that impact adoption: measuring success, monitoring data quality, and promoting user engagement. To illustrate my points, I’ll use a hypothetical business case enriched by relatable, real-world experiences. First, I’ll demonstrate some ways that success can be measured, both during development and after launching the reports. Herein, I’ll show an easy way to monitor the data quality in your Power BI reports. Finally, I’ll promote a simple post-launch practice to drive user engagement, promote data literacy, and foster an accepting, open data culture between report users and developers.

Achieving success in a business reporting project is a complex endeavor for which there are no quick-win formulas. However, taking steps start off on the right foot with users can dramatically improve not only chances at success, but also the overall experience for all involved!

About Arno Coppens

Arno Coppens works as a BI consultant and Data Platform architect at OGD ICT-diensten. Arno moved into IT/BI about 5 years ago and has been developing and consulting for OGD and its customers in/on SQL/Azure/SSRS/Power BI/Power Platform. From the start he has been an enthusiastic community follower, who is now beginning to give back to the broader community. Within OGD he has already been involved in various internal communities, trying to share knowledge and experiences and generally have fun.
Outside work he likes to read, tinker around with stuff in general, and go hiking with his wife and cats.
Links to his github, session recordings on YouTube and other content can be found at The Data Abides.

About Kurt Buhler

Kurt Buhler works for Ordina Belgium as a Data Visualization consultant, though he is passionate about data from end-to-end. Specializing in Power BI Desktop and integrated solutions, Kurt seeks to share knowledge with others to enable technical execution and also in the hope of evangelizing the importance of critical data thinking and literacy. Outside of work, Kurt enjoys inline skating and – as is evident from his talks – is deeply passionate about tabletop roleplaying games. He maintains a Power BI blog at https://data-goblins.com/.

Power BI Days Netherlands


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