Virtual Power BI Days 2019-06

  • Sunday April 14th 2019
  • 14 sessions
  • Completely online

Recordings will be made available afterwards on our youtube channel.
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Start Time Link
02:00 EST
08:00 CET
12:30 IST

Leila Etaati – AI in Power BI Service for Business Users

03:00 EST
09:00 CET
13:30 IST

Indira Bandari – DOs and DONT’s IN POWER BI DESKTOP 

04:00 EST
10:00 CET
14:30 IST 

Anupama Natarajan – Common Data Model and Data Flows in Power BI

05:00 EST
11:00 CET
15:30 IST 

Sara Barbosa – Enabling Microsoft 365 Usage Reports on Power BI

06:00 EST
12:00 CET
16:30 IST

Ana Maria Bisbe York – Modeling scenarios in DAX, the awesome language of Power BI

07:00 EST
13:00 CET
17:30 IST 

Mary Fealty – Easily beautify your Power BI Reports

08:00 EST
14:00 CET
18:30 IST  

Jese Navaranjan – Data driven SVG’s 

09:00 EST
15:00 CET
19:30 IST 

Shannon Lindsay – Data for Good – How the Power BI Community is Helping Save Lives 

10:00 EST
16:00 CET
20:30 IST 

Kellyn Gorman – Optimizing Power BI- Taming of the Shrew

11:00 EST
17:00 CET
21:30 IST 

Gina Meronek – Power BI for the Data Systems Administrator

12:00 EST
18:00 CET
22:30 IST 

Meagan Longoria – 5 Easy Enhancements To Increase Accessibility In Your Power BI Reports

12:30 EST
18:30 CET
23:00 IST

Sara Nunes – Being a BI Consultant Nowadays

13:00 EST
19:00 CET
23:30 IST 

Ginger Grant – Power BI Effective Management and Deployment Strategies Revealed

14:00 EST
20:00 CET
00:30 IST 

Nujcharee (เป็ด) Haswell – Using open source map data in Power BI thanks to R


The Power BI Days are coming!

Welcome to the Power BI Days 2018!

Power BI Days is a free conference by the community and for the community.
This is THE place in Belgium to share your Power BI knowledge and experience.
The conference is organised by the Flemish Power BI User Group and will span 2 days.

  • September 22nd will be a regular conference in Mechelen, Belgium.
  • September 23rd will be a virtual conference with speakers from all over the world.

During the Power BI Days you’ll be able to explore content in the following categories:


Focus: Building and Designing Dashboards, Reports and Apps

Use any data, from hundreds of sources to easily create compelling, interactive visualizations. Customize your visuals to fit your brand and your audience. Including storytelling with data to drive even more impact. Extend your data by connecting to it with an app and publishing it the web. Learn how to use this low-code option coupled with the business automation of Microsoft Flow and extended using the Common Data Service. This track will offer sessions at every level to help you get started, or continue extending your skills by creating and customizing.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Power User
  • Business User


Focus: Explore, shape and model your data

Whether you’re creating an app or a dashboard, the key to success is knowing your data. In this track we’ll explore the ways to think strategically about the data you need for the audience your engaging. We’ll dive into the critical steps including importing, cleaning, transforming and modeling your data.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Power User
  • Data Scientists

Govern :

Focus: Administration, Governance and Distribution

The era of digital transformations relies on getting data to the decision makers, making knowing how to accurately manage and securely share your data the key to empowering your business. In this track explore how to enable a mobile workforce, share content within your company, and learn best practices in advanced integration options, managing, configuring and securing your investments.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • IT Admin
  • Power User
  • Business Analyst


Focus: Data Science and Custom Development

This track contains advanced developer topics such as developing custom visuals, custom connectors and custom applications that use Power BI embedding. This track is designed for professional developers and data scientists who develop custom solutions using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code and who work with programming languages such as M, R, TypeScript, JavaScript and C#.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Professional Developers
  • Data Scientists